Head of 2D

slatevfx is seeking an experienced Head of 2D. (Located Fox Studio’s Sydney).

As Head of 2D, you will oversee the 2D workflow, and the creative success of the 2D department, as well as personally working on vfx shots and troubleshooting of technical issues when and as they arise. You need to manage and collaboratively work with your team, and with those also working in other areas of the business. You must have a solid knowledge of Nuke and 3D integration.


  • Responsible for creating high quality 2D digital composites for both feature film and longform series work.
  • Strong sense of colour, colour-space and attention to detail.
  • Proficient in using 2.5d approaches, projections and using 3D environment within Nuke.
  • Thorough understanding of compositing multi-channel lighting passes.
  • Collaborate with 2D pipeline developers on tools and procedures
  • Maintain a hands-on approach, while maintaining sufficient bandwidth for the other duties of the Head of 2D role.
  • Follow production process and develop creative approaches and problem-solving.
  • Monitor workload and assignments across the 2D team, balancing the volume of work with artists’ creative strengths to provide clients with the best possible result.
  • Ability to track in 2D.
  • Follow production process and develop creative approaches and problem-solving.
  • Work closely with Visual Effects Supervisor on best practices and participate in breaking down and bidding 2D work for projects
  • Mentor and advise junior compositors and ensure best practices are being employed
  • Address any interpersonal conflicts promptly and in a collaborative manner
  • Participate in hiring, training, performance reviews


  • Minimum 5 years PHOTO REAL feature film experience in live action films.
  • Mastery of Nuke.
  • Previous experience managing a team of compositors
  • Expert knowledge of compositing as well as integration of 3D elements into plates.
  • Experience using multi-pass CG elements.
  • Strong artistic skills and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Developer / script writing skills considered an asset. (Python)
  • On-set experience and an understanding of onset technical and post methodologies is a positive.

slatevfx is looking for the right person to join a growing business. Be a part of the growth and enjoy working outside the box. Challenge yourself!!

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