Mortal Kombat

slatevfx played an integral role in the production of Mortal Kombat, producing over 450 final shots which appear throughout the film. The team completed initial Previz and Post Viz. Some notable highlights include a variety of blood FX in Scorpions opening Japanese Forest, producing Goro’s lair and Kano’s Eye FX.

As VFX Producer of the film, Prue Fletcher (slatevfx – Exec VFX Producer) working alongside VFX Supervisor – Chris Godfrey, Director – Simon McQuoid and Producer – Bennett Walsh. – led the VFX Production team through the shoot in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

When the Production moved to Sydney, slatevfx housed the VFX Post Production team and vfx server at our premises within the Fox studios precinct. With a dedicated secure network, Newline and the VFX production team had dedicated access to the server which was linked to a high speed network for ease of moving large files around.

Having the the Vfx production team on-site within slatevfx premises allowed Prue to complete her role as VFX Producer for the film. This proved extremely beneficial for both Simon and Bennet, as they were able to move between edit, grade, sound and slatevfx – all of which were located close by within the Fox Precinct.

We are proud of our achievements and being nimble in our work ethics we were able to produce a number of great shots in the film and create long standing term work friendship with Chris, Simon and Bennett.