Mortal Kombat

slatevfx project contribution for Mortal Kombat

Working closely with Director Simon McQuoid, Executive Producer E. Bennett Walsh and Visual Effects Supervisor Chris Godfrey, slatevfx, with Prue Fletcher as the Visual Effects Producer, oversaw Mortal Kombat’s action-packed visual effects all the way from previs to completed finals.

slatevfx accommodated the VFX production team in their Sydney office and set up facilities in accordance with the production needs and requirements. Housing the VFX server which allowed LA to remote in, we supplied the VFX team and Executives access to high speed internet, office spaces, and set up remote 4k grading and review.

Our versatile 3D and 2D teams were responsible for delivering key sequences including the blood-filled opening fight scene, the hostile skies and backgrounds of Outworld, Kano’s blasting laser FX. Our work covered everything from clean-up, simulated travel, rotomation and eye replacements to CG prop models, digital matte background paintings and detailed FX and animation.

As a nimble and adaptive visual effects company, slatevfx was easily able to cater to changing requirements and deliver quick fixes throughout the post production process. Our crew also provided pre and postvis, all VFX temps for major screenings, techvis and on-set supervision for the Sydney film shoot.